ALEA(s) is an audiovisual collective based in Brussels joining the forces of illustrator FSTN, musician and synth manufacturer Shakmat and motion graphic designer Boris Wilmot.

Born from the will to offer a unique live experience, ALEA(s) delivers boiling, improvised performances mixing live drawing, video animation and electronic music.

Surrounded by their audience, the three members are busy creating their show, without any safety net. While the complex, loaded electronic music fills the room, the illustrator’s physical implication in his drawings and the hypnotic animations projected onto the big screen unite to finish this well-rounded show.

ALEA(s) performances are often described as immersive, intense and crafted.

The basics of our performance are the following :

With his own made modular synthesizer, François improvises sounds, melodies and sound designs on top of polyrhythmic patterns prepared in a machinedrum.
Pierre, the illustrator, draws. We take pictures of his drawings as they evolve. Then, using AV software VVVV, I play them at certain frame rates, in loops and project them onto a screen.
I can change the frame rate, to make slower or faster animations, as well as the length of the loops.
Of course, everything is mapped on the beat to fit the music rhythm.
On top of that, I sometimes interfere on the drawings. I can tear them appart, or play with the lights for instance.
But we always try to do as little treatment on the drawings as possible. We want to keep that raw texture and not get into something too digital.
We regularly do some experiments on music, drawing and animation.
Each week we publish a short video to exhibit a piece of our work.

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