DE NOS MAINS - title design
"De Nos Mains" is a documentary series following 10 students in their last year of scholarship in agriculture, hair dressing, mechanics and cooking.
Although the title was decided at the time, it was clear to us that the link between the characters was that they're all using their hands in their professions. We wanted to show that and decided to go for an opening sequence all made "by hand".

During the brainstorm session, we came up with loads of crazy ideas. A few days before, at my kid's school fancy fair, I had seen a group of girls doing a cover of Anna Kendrick's famous "Cups" song. That was young, fresh, entertaining. A good starting point !

We decided to create a hand choregraphy that would show the credits and mime the gestures the students learned during their classes. All of it on a music track entirely made of sounds that reflects the professionals environments.

We created an entire version of the Neutra Font, printed on paper and cut by hand to give it a nice "homemade" feeling.
We had a lot of references and mood images (go take a look at our PINTEREST Board)
An important one was this picture, from an amazing work serie by artist Tien-Min Liao. It is that picture that gave us the idea of the painted hands that would come together to create the title.

Working hand in hand with director Gaetan Saint-Remy had been a real pleasure. He let us do whatever we wanted while preventing us to fall into some cliché one could have about those students or the professions they were learning.
The trust he put in us lead us all to this sequence which is one of the work I'm the most proud of, getting an immediate feeling about the mood of the show while having tons of details and little ideas you keep on discovering.
Opening sequence for the documentary series "De Nos Mains"
Aired on RTBF december 2014.

Concept, design & animation : REANIMATION (Boris Wilmot & Yann Deval)

A documentary series by Gaetan Saint-Remy & Sophie De Brabandere
Production : Thank You & Good Night - Sep Stigo Films

DOP : Olivier Verdoot
Camera Assistant : Arthur Anger
Music : Sébastien Monnoye (Old Joy) & Yann Deval (REANIMATION)
Mixing : Damien Rouchaud
Hands : Michel Villée Noémie Vincart
Yishaï Gassenbauer, Séraphin Wilmot, Dorothée Giangreco, Gaetan Saint-Remy, Louise Schmidt, Clara Scholl

Series directed by Gaetan Saint-Remy
Production manager : Geneviève De Bauw
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