Even Lovers Get The Blues

Directed by : Laurent Micheli
Produced by : Grenade & Stenola Productions

DoP : Tristan Galand - Olivier Boonjing
Editor : Nicolas Bier - Julie Naas
I was asked to do the title design for Laurent's first long feature. When talking with him, he said that there where often neon lights in the backgrounds, all along the movie. I wanted to use that idea of glowing lights for the fonts, but we needed something more rough.
We decided to use some black light effect, rather than true shining fonts. There is something strange about black lights, it makes weird things shine through. Sometimes gorgeous things, but sometimes pretty weird stuffs like bright teeth with zomby-like eyes !
We liked that feeling.

The movie is about sex. The true sexual life, without glamour. Average sex with average people and average bodies.
So we decided to put some really subtle macro shots of body parts.

If we had the time, I would have loved to paint all the credits on real skin, so it could move a bit, being distorted. Unfortunately, we had to keep it simple CGI.

But even though, I like the feeling of thoses credits. It's subtle but it has many ideas !
Here's a link to the Pinterest moodboard
The movie received a good support from the press, has been selected and rewarded in several festivals.
Now all you need to do is go and watch it ;-)
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