Hôtel de la plage
TV series aired on France 2 in July 2014

Boris Wilmot // Direction, shooting, motion-graphics design & animation
Thomas Fage // Shooting, motion-graphics design & animation
Yann Deval // Motion-graphics design & animation
Stéphane Laplatte // Motion-graphics design & animation

Music by : Carlen MacLinen & Paul Racer, arranged by Alex Jaffray // Start-rec
Series directed by : Christian Merret-Palmair
Production : Gaumont Television, Epimoni Films, Bakea Productions, LM Productions
We felt the sun on our backs and the salty smell of the seaside while locked up in our studio for hours, shooting each and every frame of the GIF-like animation of the postcards.
For those of you After Effects users, we created a complet animated typeface based on the Magna Font from Hendrick Rolandez. You can download the ANIMATED FONT FOR FREE
And here are some ideas and researches that didn't get through :
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