Commissioned by The New York Times for the Modern Love series

Stéphane Laplatte // Direction, editing, 3D animation & motion design
Yann Deval // Shooting, Tracking, Motion-graphics design & animation
Boris Wilmot // Shooting, Motion-graphics design & animation
Thomas Fage // Motion-graphics design & animation

Audio Producer : Jocelyn Gonzales
Series Producer : Zena Barakat
If you need to animate a wing. A pigeon wing for instance. Maybe you’re animating a movie with two pigeon lovers hugging each other. Who knows…
Well if you ever need to do that, we have thought about you! And we give away, freely as usual, a beautiful pigeon wing rig!

All prepared for Adobe After Effects CS6 and CC, it can be animated, feather by feather, in 2.5D space, with only 4 controllers !

Collective // Motion Graphics & Music
Yann Deval - Boris Wilmot - Thomas Fage - Stéphane Laplatte
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