A title sequence that plays with the concepts of sight and blindness.
According to Dr Donald Hoffman, through evolution humans learned not to see the reality of the world, but perceptions that keep us alive.
If we don't see things we don't need, does it mean they are invisible ?
"Unseen" is a fantasy series telling how, along a few days, inhabitants of Creux are dealing with a mysterious phenomenon : some of them are becoming invisible.

Far from the looks, the invisible can do everything without being seen.
No one to punish, no one to congratulate, no one to judge...
But is this really a good thing? Some uses their invisibility as a tool for revenge or domination, others live it as an exile. But all come to facing a moral choice : is their invisibility a power or a handicap? What does remain of our humanity when no one can see us anymore ?

Facing the unthinkable, visibles and invisibles will try, each in their own way,
to save their own world.
Title sequence concept, design & animation : Boris Wilmot

Title sequence music : "We Are" by The Antler King

Series created by : Marie Enthoven
Written by : Marie Enthoven, Bruno Roche & Nicolas Peufaillit
Directed by : Geoffrey Enthoven

Produced by : Kwassa Films
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