Opening sequence of the french movie "Vincent doit mourir" by Stephan Castang.

"Impressive opening credits" (into:screens)
"Superbe générique" (les échos)
" Dès le générique très stylisé, on sait que l'on va voir un film singulier et novateur. " (Allociné)
"Le générique ne cache pas son amour à l'esprit graphique de Saul Bass" (Médiapart)
"Génial" (Zickma)
"Vincent Doit Mourir" is a satirical black comedy thriller film.

Vincent Borel is a graphic designer in Lyon who finds that everyone, starting with his coworkers but soon expanding out into the wider community, suddenly wants to kill him for no obvious reason

At first, he tries to continue about his daily business, but as things spiral violently out of control, Vincent is forced to flee and change his life completely.
Director Stephan Castang wanted an abstract opening sequence that would evoke the stress, violence and oppression caused by big city life.

As a fan of Saul Bass' classics, his first idea was towards "North by Northwest" opening.
He had already worked on the amazing score with composer John Kaced, but the rest was up to me (!)

With this long sequence shot of  abstract lines shaping buildings, I tried to make a contemporary relecture of it.

Here are some early tests and researchs
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